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Sydney , NSW
New South Wales AU

INDO the Artist was born in Manly Sydney Australia on August 1982. He grew up by the ocean, surfing, skateboard and watching morning cartoons. He’s a prolific street artist, Graffiti stencil artist, commercial illustrator, Graphic designer and overall creative guy. He’s inspired by Music, pop-culture, nature and the urban landscape. He’s an award wining artist, having won Art Battles in Sydney for Tiger Beer, and coming second place in the grand finally. He’s been awarded Australian of the year finalist for his community work in northern NSW, and been featured in magazines and newspapers for his skills in art, painting creative murals and creative positive creative contemporary modern artwork on canvas and walls. INDO has been invited to speak at Vivid events lecturing about street art and creative careers, his works sell for thousands, having sold works to private collectors in Galleries and Auction Houses. INDO the Artist is a Prolific Mural artist, painting large scale walls for Government bodies, schools, communities and cities. He’s inspired to express himself, and encourage others to do the same. INDO is regularly booked to perform live art in front of live audiences. During INDO’s professional career as an artist, he’s worked for Vegemite Australia, Red bull, The Rolling stones Magazine, Sony BMG, Monkey Shoulder, Sound Cloud, Fuel TV, ANZ Bank, ING Direct bank, Councils in Australia and Scotland. He’s style is described as Pop street art, Graffiti, Popart, positive and modern with depth of colour and textures. INDO regular travels for mural commissions, painting Public Schools, Community public spaces from Sydney Metro CBD to Melbourne Victoria. He’s a versatile highly intuitive and creative artist, with a firm spectrum in style and creative delivery, a true artist who thinks and breaths outside the box. INDO the Artist comes highly recommended. See INDO the Artists Website Follow INDO the Artist on Instagram Hash tags & Locations INDO The Artist Paints Creative Mural Street Artist works: #sydneymetropolitan #muralartist #melbournevictoriamurals #northernbeachescreativemuralartist #sydneymurals #indotheartist #monavalemuralartist #palmbeachmuralartist #newportmuralartist #manlymuralartist #northsydneymuralartist #potspointmuralartist #sydneygraffitimuralartist #sydneystreetartist #popstreetartist #sydneyprofessionalstencilsartist #muralartist #northernNSWmuralartist #portmacquariemuralartist #crescentheadmuralartist #tareemuralartist #highschoolmuralartist #universitymuralartist #creativemuralartist #bondimuralartist #modernmuralartist #restaurantmuralartist #graffitimuralartist #indotheartist #liveartistpainter #creativeliveart #eventsliveart