The Medicine Told me All Your Secrets [black and white]

The Medicine Told me All Your Secrets [black and white], a drawing by Scratchmarks
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30 cm
21 cm
Unlimited Edition
ink on watercolour paper

TITLE: The Medicine Told Me All Your Secrets please buy my art on T-shits, phone covers and more at my shop lucky you, and happy me. my first personal piece of 2018 i'm going back too my roots, pre-anthro and pre-furry. This was all done with no pencil sketch so i didn't even have the luxury of an eraser, every mark i put on the paper must be deliberate and ireverseable, and my only goal was to fill the entire page and experiment with the space. So this is my unfiltered style, the commissions and the personal works where i create illustrations based on a carefully designed character and pose, composition etc are fun, but dont showcase what i'm "really about" because in those works i'm using my tried and tested polished and shiny formula. sticking to that boxes me in, but this is full experimental mode where i get to comunicate with myself in a space with no quality control where i'm fully prepared for my creative flow to completely miss the mark ----------------------- COOL MERCH SUPPORT ME ART COMMISSION PRICES ------------------------ ART IS BY ME: SCRATCHMARKS ----------------------- CHARACTER OWNED BY: me, SCRATCHMARKS ----------------------- ----------------------- directly contact me at: [please title the subject field with: "job offers", "commissions", "Fan/hate mail"] ---------------------- ---------------------- You are not allowed to steal, trace, recolour, use any of my art or characters. my livestream and speedpaint videos on youtube are undeniable proof that i drew them. this image was produced in my "live" videos: 241, 242, 243, 244, 245, 246 and speedpaint can be found here: -----------------------