Blacklist Guerilla Artist

Blacklist Guerilla Artist, a painting by INDO the Artist
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Unique Piece
Mixed Media | aerosol & stencils on stretched Canvas

This Artwork is an inspiration to all the light workers who got pushed down by the regimented rules of society, and the historical conditioning that suppresses free thinkers, spontaneous ideas, movements and just been free. We sand up, speak though art, action, how ever you feel fit, because we are the dreamers who believe, we are the dreamers who stand up, and say, Fuck this bull shit - its time to rise, its time to change, and the time is now. Belong to all that we are, we are all here to make our own decisions, and nit sometimes we take matters into our own hands, then accept this as truth. We are the ones who believe we can change the world, because the ones who do, are the the ones who do! This streetart piece was created in 2015 in Sydney, using a mixed media technique, #streetart #indotheartist #guerillaartist #UKstreetartist #popculturestreetart #graffitistreetartist #popculturegraffitiartist follow the artist:

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