Conventions vs Creativity in our society

 Conventions vs Creativity in our society, a painting by Ideasrex
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acrylics on canvas

a while to realise that the two forces that play each in their own direction shape our reality and sometimes even create conditioning of entrapment. This visual portal/painting is all about duality as a condition in our minds and tables as a physical conditioning of our bodies. Both in this case are the product of social conditioning, as we work, eat, meet,…. it is always around tables. I wonder what is it that makes us so amazed with the horizontal shape the table has. Is the origin of it really a map, in the primordial times when humans were hunting and gathering, the most important innovative thinking would most probably be spatial planning/thinking/organising. That required the map, maybe even 3D maps as they would have used stones and tools as representational objects. This line of thinking later lead to scrolls/papers/books of 2D due to efficiency, which were being read or written at tables, and in later years it is computers, the latest extension of our brains, that we spend so much time with, sitting or standing, again in front of the table. We synthesise the world and processes around us in that space (be it computer/tablet/phone) in front of us, on a table and this helps us further our thoughts and create even more impact. Sometimes, however the balance between the need to express ourselves and conquer whatever it is we are focusing on, and the creative lightness of being gets disturbed.