Target: Seen and not Seen

Target: Seen and not Seen, a painting by Glenn Ibbitson
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60 cm
90 cm
Unique Piece
oil on canvas

Inspired by the counter-intuitive concept of ‘Dazzle Camouflage’ which was employed on some allied shipping during the Great War and WWII; not to offer concealment -quite the contrary, to make it difficult for the enemy to estimate the target’s range, speed, and heading. Here the figure is partially concealed by a target pattern projected across a room. This simultaneously alters spatial cognition and yet signals a human presence by interpretation of the modified pattern. The concentric rings may also be read as a sight or target. The individual under surveillance; vulnerable. Every move monitored and recorded, both by the state and those multinational corporations whose profiling algorithms analyse online data freely revealed with unforeseen social and financial consequences for their quarry.