Horus; the Illusionist

Horus; the Illusionist, a painting by Glenn Ibbitson
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122 cm
91 cm
Unique Piece
oil on canvas

One of a suite of narrative works located in the milieu of the circus and the sideshow tableau. The players in this ensemble drama are: 1] 'Human Curiosities': mermaids and conjoined twins represent variations from the average [or currently fashionable norm] of human physiology. They are ciphers for the extremes within the genetic pool which are now threatened by a society with the technological capability to intervene and implement [un]natural selection. 2] 'Performers': tumblers, magicians and their assistants performing extraordinary stunts. Physical and temporal skill is contrasted with sleight of hand; the individual act of brilliance with deceptions perpetrated through collusion and teamwork. Reading these works as a commentary on contemporary society should not be discouraged... ​